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Covid 19

The following are additional COVID-19 guidelines for Mandan Hockey as a result of Morton County being in the "Orange" zone. As a reminder, the guidelines are very fluid and we will communicate as changes occur.

1. MHC will require players to wear a mask while in the facility including in the locker rooms. The players can remove their masks when they are putting on their helmets prior to leaving the locker rooms and put their masks back on after practice once they have removed their helmets.

2. MHC will require coaches to wear a mask while in the facility.

3. Drop off players no more than 20 minutes prior to practices and no more than 30 minutes prior to games.

4. 8U/Mites and younger: parents to dress their child/children at home.

5. One parent allowed to stay in the facility during practices for 8U/Mites and younger, Please limit wondering in the facility and practice social distancing.

6. No parents/spectators allowed during practices for 10U/Squirts and above.

7. Two spectators per player allowed for games.

8. Players and coaches to avoid any unnecessary contact including post game handshakes.

9. If a child displays any COVID-19 symptoms during practice or a game, a coach will remove the child from the ice and send the child home immediately.


The following were the existing guidelines:

1. We will be following CDC Guidelines as it relates to COVID-19

2. If any participant displays COVID-19 symptoms, has contracted COVID-19, currently in close contact quarantine from someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or waiting COVID-19 test results, they are not allowed to participate in any activities. We expect parents to self-monitor their children before sending to practice.

3. Stay home if sick.


The following are the Starion Sports Complex Guidelines:

1. Players allowed to arrive at the rink no more than 30 MINUTES prior to their ice session.

2. Players/Parents - Do NOT loiter in lobby areas before or after skating sessions.

3. No more than two parent(s) or guardian(s) per skater will be allowed to be in the facility. Same applies families who have multiple skaters.

4. Spectators for games The parent/guardian of skater(s) will be allowed to sit only in the bleachers in the Cadillac & Buick rink. Please maintain social distancing.

5. Wandering through the facility is NOT permitted.

6. Locker rooms will be available for skaters and coaches to use

7. Water fountains are setup to fill water bottles only

8. Sharing of any equipment or water bottles is NOT allowed

9. Masks are required for spectators

10. Parents/Player– For non-Club games, such as UMary or High School, parents will not be allowed to watch their skater practice. Players will not be allowed to watch before/after practice non club games.

CDC - Social Activity Guidelines

CDC Website