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Mission Statement

 "Providing our youth with the opportunity to develop Character, Responsibility, and Teamwork through life-long learning of the sport of hockey"

    Submitting invalid entries for 10000 puck challenge will result in disqualification.

    Pucks as of 6/9/2019

    Tate Balkowitsch.....1600

    Evelynn Bellon.....910

    Tylan Berg.....250

    Kale Blankenship.....995

    Cambry Fyllesvold.....1895

    Hunter Hammer.....65

    Dawson Holle.....440

    Isabella Holle.....425

    Adrianna Kautzman.....3550

    Kamden Kautzman.....3382

    Brayden Lindgren.....2250

    Brogan Lobeck.....2212

    Kaden Lobeck.....2770

    Isabella Maliske.....100

    Ellianna Mattson.....500

    Parker Mehlhoff.....205

    Hayden Mehlhoff.....305

    Makenzie Miller.....1200

    Benjamin Moch.....225

    Tayah Myhre.....706

    Mailey Myhre.....310

    Tessa Rebenitsch.....304

    Tessa Rykowsky.....1600

    Liam Streibel.....1550

    Avery Walker.....1235


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    Rates for the 12U/14U State Tournament is $84.00/night

    Mandan Comfort Inn and Suites