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Intro to hockey

By cr 07/25/2023, 4:00pm CDT

Intro to Hockey

10,000 Puck Challenge

By MHC 04/01/2023, 9:30am CDT

Start your journey today....


Need something to do this summer?  Want to make your game better?  Take the journey yourself or grab a couple friends and start the journey together.......

Speaking with USA Hockey Coaches, there recommendation is simple; the easiest thing to do over the summer, to help your game is shoot, shoot, shoot.....


To complete the challange is simple - Keep track of your shots over the summer by filling in the Information below: daily, every other day, however you want to do it.   Keep track of your shots, work hard, and reach 10,000 shots before next season. 


To keep track of your shots, simply click the link below.  Put your name, level, date, and the amount of pucks shot for the day or a week's worth.  We will update the website as the summer moves along so you can see your progress.


Take 10,000 shots from now until Oct 1, and your name will go down in Mandan Hockey Club History as part of the 10,000 puck Club.  You will also recieve special recognition and a gift at the end of the journey.



Check out the web site for more details, and happy shooting!